Korea Q&A: Interracial Dating, Gays, Beating Youngsters and much more!

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Here’s our installment that is second of Q&A together with your homeboy Keith! Enjoy!

Laura Escobar asks:

Keith: evidently, Koreans are uber commodities that are hot the wedding market. This question will come in the inbox, Twitter communications and Morse rule literally every week. And although this concern ended up being expected in final week’s Q&A, I declined to bite. That’s because whatever we state can certainly make a few netizens that are korean. (really, they’re flipping insane!). But ok… they can’t wreak havoc on no stats right??

The sheer number of worldwide marriages in Korea had been 28,325. All the marriages had been Korean males marrying females off their parts of asia (greatest per cent in an effort: Asia, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, United States Of America, Mongolia, etc.). Korean females had been tangled up in less worldwide marriages, however with more non-Asian males (per cent to be able: Japan, China, United States Of America, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Pakistan). ( Supply ).

However the numbers could be deceptive, as well as the drama that is korean love stories you’re reasoning of are likely perhaps maybe not exactly just exactly what took place with many of these marriages. Most of the marriages (mostly Korean guys + foreigner brides) come from marriage agencies that’ll setup males with your women that are foreign. Additionally, the Chinese people who are hitched listed below are frequently Korean-born peeps that are chinese. So fundamentally, they’re simply marrying other Koreans which have bonus Mandarin skillz.

In terms of what individuals think? It’s the exact same in just about any country! You will possibly not care, however you probably understand a few people who are more conventional and don’t think international marriages are incredibly awesome. & Most of these are generally older (many thanks Captain apparent?). But of program you will find people that don’t care at all, regardless of age. Therefore once once again… the answer is similar. This will depend!


Justine Kimchi Santos asks:

Keith: Hola senorita (senor?) kimchi! Korea continues to be pretty conservative in terms of la homosexualidad (K, no longer Spanish. I’d to Google that, haha :)). We hear lot of tales of Korean gays simply remaining in the cabinet for concern with being disowned by their loved ones. Really, some body i am aware actually is gayer than Tom Cruise rollerblading in hot pants. Every person agrees. But he won’t ever even admit it though lovestruck profile search I’ve seen him kiss another guy in a “I would like to boom shakalaka” kind of method). My guess is because he’s afraid of their family members’s response. It’s sorts of sad, nevertheless when it comes down to LGBT liberties, Korea’s much less quick to improve as other nations.

However with having said that, i do believe homosexual foreigners have some sort of “oh, he’s simply being a crazy foreigner” free pass. Many people might examine your friend a little funny if he’s hugging and kissing their boyfriend in public places because PDA is not always therefore cool in Korea (also for right individuals!). However, if there’s not an excessive amount of stuff that is touchy, there’s usually nothing to check out. On an individual degree, lots of more youthful individuals are like… “You’re homosexual? Cool! Let’s be buddies!.” (But needless to say different for almost any specific.)

Mia Utopian asks:

Keith: this is actually the most question that is random. I prefer it! No, there are not any lizards within the Corea. Well… there are a few in streams and you also understand nature-y places. But really, I’ve never seen one. You’re homegirl that is safe).

Glenn Davies Parham asks:

Keith: Aww, guy, i usually feel harmful to Korean senior high school young ones. They learn like CRAJEE, guy. Nearly all of them get up early, head to college, remain after college to review, head to more after-school programs (called hagwon) to analyze, go to another program that is after-school go back home to accomplish their research, finally rest, then begin once again each morning. It’s insane, yo! kids that are korean actually overworked. Personally I think for them, actually i actually do.

But they’re nevertheless kids, and they are seen by me loitering all of the time. Many of them have actually boyfriends and girlfriends too. I’m guessing they don’t have actually since long as young ones far away, nevertheless they nevertheless discover the time for you to do material :).

Lukasz Orlas asks:

Keith: HI LUKASZ. YOU TYPE LIKE MY FATHER WHEN HE VERY VERY VERY FIRST LEARNED HOW EXACTLY TO TYPE! But maybe you’re typing like this to exhibit that you’re not cool along with it. Therefore let me tell you what’s up. Up to a years that are few, it absolutely was nevertheless acceptable going to kids in college. It absolutely was an extremely typical, but old Korean means of control. However a legislation passed making kids that are hitting college unlawful. It had been just recently, so some school that is really old continue to have that mind-set. Therefore yeah, it nevertheless occurs, but only often. It’s a changing times my buddy. Moms and dads are suing instructors and schools and that is scaring the poop away from everyone else. But even scarier are children and their smartphone cameras!

Mic DBernardo asks:

Keith: Ahh… maybe perhaps maybe not a fan of Korea’s World Cup motto, Be the Reds, huh? Understandable, friend. Korea’s got some spice, plus some social individuals can’t manage it. To purchase one thing maybe perhaps not spicy, state:

James Flowers asks:

Keith: we really don’t have my very own driver’s permit right here in Korea. Really, we literally drove perhaps 4 times in ten years, guy. It’s crazy. Do not allow me personally drive your infants anywhere, okay?

I’m able to trade within my United States driver’s permit for a Korean one I don’t really see the need for it if I want to, but. That and I’m simply actually sluggish, too. We heard obtaining a driver’s permit the way that is korean. From the thing I realize, you need to spend a couple of million won (thousand USD) to just simply simply take a training course for the months that are few. And then use the test. It’s long and expensive from the things I hear. So most residents just trade within their house nation driver’s permit for a Korean one.

You have your own car, that’s cool and all if you’re in Seoul and. You don’t really too need it much because general public transport is pretty awesome. I have every where in Seoul not a problem. It might be harder in other metropolitan areas or areas that are rural but infrastructure in Seoul is low priced, efficient and quick.

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