Who we are

Phone Doctor Project started at Galleria mall Los Angeles CA as a small project in 4×3 meters kiosk with a great idea of saving time & money & our concept was “Watch your phone getting repaired on spot or leave it for less than 1 hour until you go shopping or drink a coffee”
Apple service centers used to either replace your phone with a new one or upgrade it with the next generation model and since the repair was not available and the only solution was not saving any money or time, so we had a great opportunity to expand.
One year later we had the people’s trust to open 5 other branches to cover the main 6 points of Los Angeles.
Galleria Mall “Manhattan Beach”
Delamo Mall “Delamo”
Montebello Mall “Montebello”
Pacific City Mall “Huntington Beach”
Brea Mall “Anaheim”
Mission Viejo Mall “Mission Viejo”

Our mission

Our aim is to keep customers satisfaction at its best “According to YELP
services review app”so we decided to have all the categories of spare parts &
accessories to satisfy our customers’ needs but without compromising quality.

After the pandemic we couldn’t continue as unfortunately malls were the first places affected by the safety procedures, So after coming back to Egypt we thought of taking the same concept to Egypt and we started by home repairs because of the pandemic and once we were allowed to open we started with Senzo Mall Hurghada, Hurghada City Center and ELGOUNA down town.


What are our services exactly?

Mobile Accessories: We have a wide range of accessories, and we specialize in cases for iPhones and Samsung models. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and professional or fun and funky, we’ve got your back.

On-the-Spot Repairs: Cracked screen? Battery issues? No problem. We offer immediate repair services to get your device back in action without any hassle.

Screen Protection Installation: We don’t just stop at repairs. We’ll also install screen protectors on your devices to shield them from future damage. This service is available for all mobile devices, including smartwatches, kids’ tablets, and car navigation systems.

We aim to provide a one-stop solution for all your mobile device needs, ensuring quality service and customer satisfaction.

Do you only fix iPhones or all kinds of phones?

We provide repair services for all models of mobile phones, not just iPhones. Our expertise also extends to smartwatches and AirPods, ensuring that your favorite devices are always in working order.

Do we come to your location per request?

No appointment is necessary. Our doors are open from 10 AM to 10 PM during the weekdays, and we extend until 11 PM on weekends.

Where are we located?
Here's a list of our branches:

You can locate our stores in Cairo at Cairo Festival City Mall and City Stars Mall, as well as in Hurghada at Senzo Mall, where we offer a unique shopping experience.

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